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Creatures from Fairy-Tale and Myth: Classic Stories

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Welcome to Creatures from Fairy-Tale and Myth, an in-depth volume devoted to the most iconic creatures that transcend cultures and time. This book sets out to analyze each creature in terms of attributes, vulnerabilities, habits and summarizes the timeless stories that include them as the hero’s adversary. You will also find a brand-new story involving these iconic creatures, sometimes told from the hero’s perspective, and sometimes recounted from the creature’s point of view. All of these entries are also beautifully rendered in brand new artwork that seeks to breathe new life into classic tales.

For as long as we’ve lived upon this green earth, we have recounted fire-side stories of things that go bump in the night. We have conjured explanations for the unimaginable, and within our consciousness, they have taken the forms of ghouls and ghosts. Within these pages you will find stories, myth and lore for the most legendary creatures. The information has been researched and drawn directly from original
sources. Each and every creature is beautifully illustrated in full colour. The subjects of this book are drawn from Norse, Celtic, Baltic and Slavic tradition