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In Glow, you are an adventurer who builds their company by recruiting a new traveling companion each turn, trying to combine their powers as best as possible. You'll roll the dice to activate the advantages that your companions bring you... or their disadvantages. Gather many slivers of light to dispel the darkness, restore the colors, travel the land to reach landmarks, and (yes) score points.

Glow is a card-drafting, dice-rolling, and combinations game. The box contains lots of colorful dices, two game boards for two different gaming experiences. You have also to count on luck sometimes, but be attentive to your card combinations, too.

1-4 players

Ages 10+

45 minute play time


1 Big board

1 Small boards

30 Dice

53 Cards

98 Cardboard tokens

41 Wooden tokens

1 Rulebook