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Murder Mystery Crime Investigation: Death in Antarctica

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Please save my brother, Martin Morr's life. He has been convicted of murder and it looks like I am the only one who thinks he is innocent. He is accused of killing Robert Kohler, the head of the Aquilo Polar Station in Antarctica. In this file is all the evidence in the case to help prove his innocence (I think).  

Inclosed you fill find the following:

  • Evidence Photos (3)
  • Expedition Notebook (1)
  • Newspaper (1)
  • Other Case Evidence (23)
  • Instructions and Suspect Sheet (2)
  • Online Hints & Solutions

Research who had motive, means and opportunity to commit this crime.

Motive - Who had a reason to kill the victim? Does any particular person benefit—financially or romantically—from the victim's death?

Means - Who had access to the murder weapon? Does any particular person have the unique knowledge, skill, or physical ability necessary to use the murder weapon?

Opportunity - Who had a chance to kill the victim? Is any particular person unaccounted for (has no alibi) during the time the victim was killed?

  • Players: 1 or More
  • Ages: 14 & Up