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Ordering Options

Thank you for shopping with us! You can shop in-store or right here for easy pickup later. Here are important instructions and notes when shopping online:

This is Not Mail Order

You will place your order like any online shopping experience, but instead of actually buying, you are effectively creating and sending us a cart of items that will hold your items until we can process them for you directly.

  • You will see "Free shipping" as you process your order, but orders will not be shipped.
  • You will not be charged when you complete your order, but your items will be held as "purchased" by you.

Once we are able to process your order, we will pick the items, confirm they are in stock, and email you to let you know they are ready for pickup. Most customers just come in and pay at the counter, but you are welcome to call the store and pay over the phone for curbside pickup.  Note that the items in your order may be located at different locations, and we will transfer then as quickly as possible to your requested pickup location. We try to make transfers every 1 to 2 days, but note that transfers requested later Friday through Sunday typically will be transferred on the next Monday or Tuesday.

Receiving Your Items

Please note we do not ship product - local pickup only.

You have two options to receive your items:

  • In-Store Pickup
    Just come on in like always and let the staff know you have an order that is ready for pickup. You can pay at the counter.

  • Curbside Pickup
    Curbside pickup is available at both locations during our regular hours listed above once you pay over the phone. Give us a call when you arrive at the parking lot and we will bring your items out to you.

A Note on Delivery
Due to low demand and staff availability factors, we have discontinued the home delivery option.

Stock Levels Should be Accurate, But May Not be Perfect

The online inventory is tied to our in-store systems. Online "purchases" should update inventory numbers across all systems. However, there may be instances where the online portal is displaying incorrect stock amounts (it may think we have an item in stock when we actually do not). Sometimes this may be due to stock already being held for another customer, or more likely it is simply be an inadvertent error in our stock counts. We will confirm stock status before we contact you, and we apologize if any online stock is inaccurate.