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KeyForge Grim Reminders Archon Deck Display

Regular price $143.90

This display contains 12 Grim Reminders Archon Decks at a reduced price.

From the distant outlands of the Crucible, from beyond murky Diremouth and even the Great Glass desert, the mysterious Geistoids have come. Awoken by a malign energy and driven by the resentment of forgotten and discarded things, they seek vengeance on all that was kept and those whom are whole. Ever replenishing from the detritus of civilization, the Geistoid horde poses a grave threat to the people of the Crucible.

KeyForge: Grim Reminders is the seventh set for KeyForge that will introduce 250 new cards including a new house (House Geistoid) along with all new effects, icons and more.

KeyForge, designed by Richard Garfield, is unlike any other card game in that every deck purchased is completely unique and playable out of the box.