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Fictions: Memoirs of a Gangster

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Fictions is a 1 to 4 player cooperative game set in gangster pulp literature. Players will take on the role of the mob bosses with the goal to take control of the city by winning the mayoral election. To achieve this, they will play through 3 chapters that are presented as three different scenarios, during which they will reinforce the ranks of the accomplices at their disposal.

The strength of the mafia resides in its deck of Accomplice cards. In the first two chapters, players must achieve the maximum possible Reputation Points and spend them on getting new and better accomplices. Then in the final scenario, A Bid for Power, they will use their upgraded Accomplices in order to win the election.

GANGSTER-THEMED COOPERATIVE GAME: Play as mob bosses in a 1-4 player game, striving to take control of the city and win the mayoral elections.

BUILD YOUR MAFIA CLAN: Strengthen your clan with a deck of Accomplice cards, gathering Reputation Points to recruit new and better accomplices.

NARRATIVE-DRIVEN SCENARIOS: Engage in 6 different scenarios, each offering unique challenges and storylines, enhancing replayability.

STRATEGIC DECK-BUILDING: Focus on strategic deck-building to prepare for the final scenario, "A Bid for Power," and secure victory in the elections.

ELEGANT BOOK-STYLE BOX: Packaged in a stylish book-style box, capturing the essence of gangster pulp literature and making it a great addition to any game collection.