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Castle Panic 2nd Ed: Deluxe Collection

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Originally offered on Kickstarter, the Castle Panic Deluxe Collection is an upgraded collector’s edition of Castle Panic and all of its expansions, including The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan, Engines of War, and a brand-new expansion, Crowns and Quests!

This collection features the same great mechanics players have loved for over 10 years, now in a special, deluxe, limited edition that includes:

  • All-new art
  • Plastic pieces for the Castle
  • Plastic monster minis that feature a unique rotatable base to track damage
  • Neoprene playmat and game board
  • Wooden monster tokens
  • Embroidered monster bag
  • Metal coins
  • Promo items and more!

The Castle Panic Deluxe Collection is the ultimate collector’s edition of Castle Panic and all its expansions. This oversized box contains everything you need to play deluxe versions of Castle Panic, The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan, Engines of War, and the brand new expansion Crowns and Quests. Featuring all new artwork, plastic castle pieces, minis for every monster in every game, wooden tokens, a neoprene playmat, embroidered Monster bag, promo items and more.

Don’t miss out on this limited-edition experience!


Castle Panic Contents:
1 Gameboard, 1 Playmat, 49 Castle Cards, 4 Promo Cards, 15 Blank Cards, 6 Order of Play Cards, 49 Wood Monster Tokens, 31 Monster Minis, 25 Bases, 1 Giant Boulder Mini, 1 Monster Draw Bag, 1 Current Player Coin, 1 Master Slayer Coin, 6 Wall Minis, 6 Tower Minis, 1 Tar Mini, 2 Fortify Minis, 1 Die

The Wizard’s Tower Contents:
10 Castle Cards, 1 Promo Card, 22 Wizard Cards, 3 Blank Wizard Cards, 49 Wood Monster Tokens, 40 Monster Minis, 19 Bases, 12 Flame Minis, 1 Wizard Tower Mini, 1 5-point Tar Mini, 1 4-point Tar Mini, 6 Reference Cards

The Dark Titan Contents:
5 Castle Cards, 5 Agranok Cards, 1 Promo Agranok Card, 6 Reference Cards, 22 Wood Monster Tokens, 13 Monster Minis, 3 Support Tokens, 1 Agranok Mini, 19 Bases, 1 Cavalier Mini

Engines of War Contents:
16 Resource Cards, 1 Promo Resource Card, 6 Reference Cards, 13 Wood Monster Tokens, 9 Monster Minis, 9 Bases, 1 Ballista Mini, 1 Catapult Mini, 2 Spring Trap Minis, 2 Pit Minis, 2 Barricade Minis, 1 Keep Mini, 1 Engineer Tile, 1 Task Tile

Crowns and Quests Contents:
12 Character Cards, 18 Quest Boards, 1 Tracker/Obelisk Tile, 6 Vulkar’s Blast Minis, 3 Evacuees Minis, 1 Ambassador Mini, 7 Bases, 1 Obelisk Mini, 7 Apocalypse Stone Minis, 1 Scout Mini, 6 Outpost Minis, 3 Scroll Minis, 6 Portal Minis, 6 Wood Success/Fail Tokens, 1 Wood Tracker Token, 1 Wood Power Token, 6 Wood Tower Indicator Tokens, 1 Flag Mini, 6 Order of Play Cards, 1 Rulebook, 6 Promo Flags

Supplies are extremely limited.