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Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Deluxe Edition

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GMT are proud to bring back in print two classic Great Battles of History titles in a deluxe treatment. Great Battles of Julius Caesar combines Caesar: The Civil Wars, published in 1994, and Caesar: Conquest of Gaul, published in 1996 and reprinted in 2006, into a single package along with the battles that were published as separate modules.

Great Battles of Julius Caesar has a single rulebook brought up to the production standards of the latest Great Battles of History titles, written so that all the land battles in the original games can be played from single rule book. The one naval battle has its own rule book.

The scenario book features 20 battles presented in a chronological order that traces the evolution of the Roman military system from early battles against various foreign foes, Caesar’s wars in Gaul followed by Caesar’s wars against his Roman rivals, and culminating with the Roman invasion of Britain a century later.

Complete list of games/modules and where the battle appeared:

Rise of the Roman Warlords - Marius and Sulla

  • Cirta 106 BCE (Jugurtha)
  • Vercellae 101 BCE (Dictator)
  • Chaeronea 86 BCE (Dictator)

Caesar’s Gallic Wars

  • Bibracte 58 BCE (COG)

  • The Rhine 58 BCE (COG)
  • The Sabis 57 BCE (COG)
  • Bay of Biscay 56 BCE (COG)
  • Britannia 55 BCE (COG)
  • Lutetia 52 BCE (COG)

  • Gergovia 52 BCE (Gergovia)

Caesar’s Civil Wars

  • Dyrrachium 48 BCE (TCW)
  • Lesnikia 48 BCE (TCW)
  • Pharsalus 48 BCE (TCW)
  • Nicopolis 48 BCE (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
  • Zela 47 BCE (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
  • Ruspina 46 BCE (TCW)
  • Thapsus 46 BCE (TCW)
  • Munda 45 BCE (TCW)

Roman Conquest of Britannia

  • The Medway 43 CE (Caratacus)
  • Wales 51 CE (Caratacus)