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Hymgho Aluminum Christmas Tree Dice: Red with Gold Numbers

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Introducing the amazing Aluminum Christmas Tree Dice set! 

Each ring of this set spins independently and is covered in numbers representing a specific dice from a standard tabletop RPG set as follows, starting from the top: D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, D12, and D20

Around the base they simply say: "Merry Christmas ^ Happy New Year" 

At over 4" tall his large tree is a great centerpiece and a joy to use. Solid aluminum at 3/4 of a pound it has a sturdy high quality feel!

With a flick of a finger they spin in a very satisfying fashion! Let momentum fade and use the arrow at the base of the tree, or stop them with a finger and use the number you are touching for your result!

As well as being a fun addition to role playing games, the Christmas Tree Dice can be used as dice for other family board games to get everyone into the holiday spirit.