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League of Dungeoneers: Kickstarter All-In Edition

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League of Dungeoneers is a huge,  solo/coop dungeon crawl board game with heavy RPG elements. It’s a character driven game, where the focus is on developing your party of heroes. This game does not take any shortcuts when it comes to details. You have 4 species and 8 professions to choose from and over 100 talents and perks to add to your characters as they level up.

Dungeons are randomized and are revealed step by step as you explore them and there are 100 different enemies to encounter. Each enemy can also be armed in different ways each time you encounter them. 

Do you have lots of miniatures at home? Great, then you can put them to use in this miniature agnostic game. If you don't have any, fear not! The standees available for the game will have you covered.

Dungeoneers is an old school Dungeon crawler with heavy RPG elements. Using your own miniatures or the standees availible with the game, your heroes will move through a randomly created dungeon.

Inspired by classics such as Warhammer Quest and Advanced Hero Quest, this game takes the concept further, adding more details and an advanced combat system. With multiple attack options, special talents and perks, magic, alchemical weapons and battle prayers, there are multiple ways of handling each combat.

The dungeons are populated with furniture or objects that might contain everything from mundane tools to legendary items.

The game comes with a huge amount of components. There are over 50 different tiles, 394 cards, over 100 tokens, 30 doors and a massive hardcover rulebook with 240 pages of rules, equipment, spells, quests and other goodies.

Set in its own fantasy universe this game is truly a sandbox dungeon crawl  where your adventures can turn heroes or die trying.

The characters in League of Dungeoneers are quite detailed. Each hero has a set of basic stats and a number of skills based on which of the 4 races and 8 professions you have chosen. As you level up you can then choose from a list of over 100 talents and perks to further customize your hero.

But time spent in the dungeons might not only give new skills, it might also give horrid memories resulting in disorders such as claustrophobia, arachnophobia or acute stress syndromes causing the heroes to become less effective in certain situations.

The game comes with 51 different tiles that represent the dungeons your heroes are exploring. On top of that, there are 6 objective tiles that are used in the different quests.  Each tile is different, and each tile comes with different points of interest. If there is a chest depicted on the tile, your heroes can interact with that chest as search for gold and treasures. The standard room is 6×6 squares which, with is size, will promote movement and reduce the amount of bogged down battles.

As you progress through the dungeon the threat level will slowly increase. If you choose to break down doors and thus make a lot of noise, you will increase the threat level even faster. A high threat level will increase the risk of something really bad happening. 

Combat is detailed with several different attack and defence options to choose from. Add to this the different perks and talents of the heroes and the special abilities of the monsters and you will have a combat system that requires wise decisions as well as good dice rolling.


  • League of Dungeoneers game
  • 3D doors
  • All stretch goals
  • Ancient lands expansion
  • Character sheet pad
  • Companions compendium and cards
  • League of Dungeoneers dice bag
  • League of Dungeoneers dice tray
  • Metal coins
  • Scenario sheet pad
  • Sleeves
  • Standees and holders
  • Spells and Prayer cards
  • Worldmap in neoprene

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